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What is Vibration Isolation?

There are two primary scenarios to consider regarding Vibration Isolation:

  1. To protect a structure or a part of a structure from the vibration effects of machinery operating in or close to that structure
  2. To protect equipment or people within a structure from the vibration effects of the structure

The first of these relates to a consideration of the fluctuating forces developed by machinery which is transmitted as vibration into the structure. The introduction of a resilient support between the machine and the structure will, if properly selected, result in a reduction of the transferred force.

In the second case, the considerations relate to extraneous vibration within the structure being transmitted into a piece of vibration sensitive equipment such as Optical or Electronic equipment installed within modern buildings such as laboratories, hospitals and hi-tech offices. This area has become much more prevalent within the last 10 years not least because of the growth of the micro electronics industry where the much more specialised problems of isolating from Ordinance or Seismic shock also arises.

Why is it so Important?

Vibration isolation has become far more important in recent years. Buildings are now made of much lighter materials and floor spans have increased in a bid to introduce unobstructed office space.

Vibration isolation equipment is relatively low cost in relation to the cost of machinery and for this reason it often gets ignored, or inadequately selected... but can you afford not to properly investigate the risks of vibration?

The cost of getting it wrong can quite often be astronomical. Just consider the following factors:

  • The cost of replacing prematurely worn parts, such as shafts and bearings
  • The cost of a machine's down-time
  • The cost of an unsatisfactory working environment for your staff
  • The cost of replacing poorly selected alternatives

We are frequently asked to visit sites where absent or poor vibration isolation has caused major unnecessary expenditure for our clients; For more information detailing the sort of problems we encounter, please read the case studies below.

Case Studies

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