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Enclosed Spring Mounts | SM Series

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The mount is a totally enclosed, high-stability, pre-compressed, vibration isolator with light vertical and horizontal snubbing damping via a neoprene sealing ring. The pre-compression allows free height and final levelled operating height to be the same low dimension making this mount ideal for tight access and/or situations where height is precious. Note the high ration (up to 1.66:1) between the mount cap diameter and the installed height giving this mount enhanced stability. Mounts in this series also have a related static deflection on 25mm (SM/1, SM/2).

Natural frequencies assume a rigid support system beneath the mount. Mount load capacities range from 10Kg to 1000Kg in 5KG increments. This is primarily a light utility mount designed to take vertical loads, but you may assume a safe lateral load capacity equal to not less than 10% of the stated mount vertical load.

Materials, Design and Spec

The mount consists of one or more helical steel springs mounted on a neoprene spring seat within a steel cup pedestal. Spring(s) are top-fitted with a steel pressure plate. The steel cup pedestal is welded to a steel base-plate, which has a neoprene non-skid bottom pad and slotted hold-downs. The steel top cap is pressure fitted over the pedestal and simultaneously sealed with a neoprene "O" ring. The centre tapped top cap is fitted with a high tensile levelling hex screw, nut and washer, which transfers the load to the spring pressure plate. Approximately 5mm of upward levelling is available via this screw.

All steel components are finished throughout with Zinc plate colour passivate. Relevant British Standards are: cap and pedestal spinnings - BS EN/10130/CR4; turned pressure plate - BS 970/Pt1-EN1aPb; helical steel springs - BS 5216; neoprene is standard commercial grade polychloroprene; hex set screws - BS 3692 High Tensile and the Zinc plate colour passivate - BS 1706/8C/2C.


The mount is designed to be a low-cost utility mount primarily aimed at fan/motor sets installed inside air handling units or in plant rooms. There is no reason why these mounts should not be used with equal success on any plant operating in a sheltered location, provided the dominant load is vertically downward. This is not a heavy-duty industrial mount, for which Eurovib have suitable alternatives. We recommend you use our free Load Analysis service for weight disposition. It is naturally important that mounts are selected for correct point loads - especially in view of their partial pre-compression, i.e. the mounts will operate correctly within 5% of the rated load.

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